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As one of the oldest cities in Florida, Tampa is home to some of the most beautiful historic neighborhoods in America.  Places like Old Hyde Park  and Seminole Heights   are noted in particular for the craftsman bungalows and mediterranean styles of archticture prevalent in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

I love historic homes and creating lighting designs sensitive to their architectural features is the most fulfilling part of my job.  Yet I am always surprised at the number of dark houses in some of Tampa’s most beautiful neighborhoods.  Take a look at this classic Seminole Heights bungalow and how elegant it looks at night.

Uplit columns on a craftsman style bungalow

One challenge on this design was to light the small dormer windows on the second floor as they were traditionally recessed to keep out sunlight, keeping houses cooler.  As a result, the uplighting creates a harsh shadow from the lower roofline, but by directing a spot from a distance I was able to fill the space with a pool of light, creating a more balanced effect to the entire design.

This Hyde Park home was newly built in a southern colonial style by Bay Harbour Homes of Tampa who wanted to showcase the historic features while the home was on the market.

Uplighting on colonial columns

A very few number of fixtures were required to bring out the most important feature of the house, the two story columns.  Again, note how the window at the top has been lit by a focussed spot.

On the subject of colonial styles, look at this stunning home, and how majestic it looks when the columns are illuminated at night.  First look at the home in the daytime:

Beautiful By Day

And here it is at night:

Majestic At Night

Note the silouetting at the tops of the columns.  You care barely see the detail from a distance in the daytime, but the carefully designed uplighting brings out these features in great detail at night.

My hope is that those who love historic preservation, like myself, will do more to showcase the most beautiful architecture in Tampa with quality outdoor lighting.


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