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Outdoor lighting can provide numerous benefits for private homeowners, but also for public areas managed by homeowners associations, such as entrances, walkways and clubhouses.

An Artfully Illuminated Entrance Is Easy to See and Beautiful

Most importantly, outdoor lighting supports a community’s safety and security efforts. It allows people to see what is around them and where they are going as well as eliminates dark exterior areas where vandals and robbers can easily hide.

Fixtures With Good Design Safely Light Pathways And Provide An Attractive Look

Beyond providing increased safety and security, outdoor lighting offers aesthetic value. Your neighborhood will look beautiful and welcoming 24 hours a day when its entrances, and key exteriors are properly illuminated.  Here is an example below of a community in Polk County which was somewhat remote in a dark area at night.  Not only did we illuminate the entrance, but also the long wall which were bordered with palms.

 An outdoor lighting system that creates a welcoming look, however, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It can be beautiful, cost effective, and energy efficient.  There are two basic types of lighting systems: line voltage and low voltage. Low voltage lighting allows you to illuminate a structure or area with soft, ambient light while using less energy. A low, 12-volt system produces enough light to accent your buildings, homes, landscaping, and outdoor spaces at a cost 50-60% less energy than a standard 120-volt outdoor lighting system.

Here is a commercial property which is actually using low voltage lighting, saving on energy costs, but still a beautiful effect, drawing attention to the business at night, but without excessive glare.

Commercial Property Using Low Voltage Lighting

In summary, well designed, energy efficient lighting should be a priority for community and homeowner associations, as it increases the aesthetic value that residents enjoy at night, and also makes it safer and more secure, deterring unwanted intruders from dark edges of the property.  Here are a couple more examples of lighting community entrances.



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